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Danielle Baker

Event Planning and Marketing  

Kirk Dixon

Chief Operating Officer 

Our Brand Promise

Michael Dailey

Credit Management

Will Shields

Banking & Fitness

Spencer Tillman

Journalism & Film Production

Our Core Values

Ray Ellis

Athlete and Business Development

Our Team

John Gilmore

Apparel & Memorabilia

Ray Mickens

Restaurants/Airport Concessions

Lamar Campbell

Journalism & Athlete Development

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Featured Associates

Damian Vaughn

Human Resources & Counseling

Corneta Kelley

Speech Communication 

Reggie Howard

Non-Profit Management & Coaching

Adam Walker

Packaging & Supply Chain Solutions

Marquay Baul

Financial Literacy

To perform our work with a caring and humanistic approach.

To identify your  organization's highest level business challenge. 

To listen and respond with a cost-effective
and customized solution.

To help individuals understand what is expected of them and teach them to respond accordingly.

Kaplan Mobray

Personal Branding

Dwight Eaton

Director of Operations


Effective and efficient results.


Honesty driven by sound principles.


Ongoing development of the mind.


Individuals working together for a common purpose.