Troupe21's Ten-Week Career and Business Program provides athletes with a series of workshops designed to ease the transition from athletics. Workshop content includes personal and professional challenges, cultural adaptation, values clarification, transferable athletics skills, functional areas of business, career exploration, mentoring, interpersonal skills, career SWOT analysis and goal-setting.                                                                                                                        Typically Contracted for Ten 50-Minute Sessions

Behavior Management and Accountability Courses are customized to fit the needs of our customers needs. Our program addresses a variety of issues including, but not limited to, substance use/abuse, domestic abuse, conflict resolution, gender violence, impulse control, etc.                                                                                                  Typically Contracted for Six 50-minute Sessions   

Program and Curriculum Development involves an initial needs assessment designed to understand various contextual factors impacting performance and/or behavior. The needs assessment is followed-up with a series of consultations resulting in a final product complete with a concept designs, conceptual framework, program goals, learning activities, recommended teaching methods, personnel recommendations and an evaluation component.                            Typically Contracted 15 to 60 Hours of Consulting Time

Training and Education Seminars are facilitated to engage individuals in short-term learning experiences designed to accomplish one of the following: increase awareness, modify attitudes, increase knowledge base, acquire or improve a skill. All seminars are customized and structured with elements of experiential and self-directed learning theory to keep participants engaged during and beyond the learning session.                                                                                      
Typically Contracted Four to Eight Hours of Consulting Time

Facilitation and Public Speaking services are designed to engage subjects in collaborative, active and challenging learning experiences.  We have standard keynote messages and utilize cutting-edge facilitation strategies. Our approach ensures that there is interplay between participants, the messenger and the message. All sessions are tailored to fit the stated business objective. We have been retained for conferences, retreats, annual meetings, strategic planning sessions, conventions, mediation session,  town hall meetings, reunions, graduations, etc.).                                                                  
Typically Contracted 60 to 120  Minutes of Consulting Time

Networking Events help our organization connect people and resources—creating synergistic business relationships in structured yet leisurely environments. Our network of active and former athletes adds an interesting and appealing twist for our existing clients and potential business associates.                                                                                     Contracted Time To Be Determined


Our Products

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Our Services

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Our products are available through exclusive licensing agreements. Each product can be (1) designed as a training manual for practitioners, (2) serve as a workbook for students and employees or (3) supplement one of our core service deliverables. We also customize our products in packages that address our clients’ behavioral or performance objectives.

ACT (Athletic Training and Conditioning) ™ uses objectives, models and examples from team sports competition to help learners understand, identify and apply lessons from sports to non-athletic settings and other industries.

Athlete Transition Guides™ consists of the following six guides to help athletes in transition: The Athlete’s Resume Guide, Career Websites for Athletes, Ten Key Plays for Finding a Position Outside of Sports, Interviewing for Athletes, Networking and Branding for Athletes and Writing Your First Business Plan.

Athletic Ecosystim ™ outlines eight primary management practices that all successful organizations master. Designed from an athletic paradigm, our “Ecosystim” offers a blueprint for success through the application of interrelated coaching and management techniques.

Game Tips ™
is a collection of easy to reference acronyms and formulas created to help individuals conceptualize and work through life's daily challenges.

 GUY'S PIES ™ is a personal and career success model that takes learners through a systematic process of setting, monitoring, and evaluating individual goals in an institutional setting.

 MVP ™ (Mission, Vision, Principles) is a values clarification product that helps individuals develop personal mission statements through visualization and reflection of guiding principles.

TLC (Transferable, Leadership and Communication Skills) ™ helps individuals identify personal traits and skills they possess through a series of group and self-directed learning activities.

Sports Business Playbook ™ incorporates each of the aforementioned products into one concise learning tool designed to help users maximize their growth potential. The playbook can be purchased as a manual for trainers or as a workbook for students and employees.

Sports-Specific Stress Management Guide ™ is designed to help athletes manage a broad range of on and off-the-field sports challenges through the application of practical skills and techniques (i.e. time management, communication, thinking differently, etc.).