An unequaled blend of business consulting and athletics TM

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Troupe21 & Associates (Troupe21) is a Dallas, Texas-based human capital management company that specializes in providing customized and cost-effective products and services for athletic organizations and teams. We apply athletic-related research, paradigms, and techniques to create unique solutions for clients. 

Our work revolves around a mission of lifelong learning that teaches individuals they are capable of accomplishing goals through learning and the continuous application of knowledge. We combine organizational learning, adult learning, and self-directed learning theory to service our clients.  We also utilize abstracting, which involves summarizing and converting real-world events and ideas into models.

Troupe21 Founder and CEO, Guy Troupe, has assembled a diverse team of psychologists, licensed professional counselors, social workers and subject matter experts to serve our clients. We are confident that one of our core services will meet your organization's human capital management challenge!